Artis Valladolid
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el centro

The Centre (ARTIS)

The Centre (ARTIS)

Coupled with the economic collaboration of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations, the Provincial Council of Valladolid has co-financed, with ERFD funding, the Valladolid Provincial Crafts Centre (ARTIS), a pioneer of its kind in Spain for the development of the crafts activity at the professional level. An investment of 3.2 million Euros overall has been devoted to the centre.

ARTIS gathers under one roof innovation, production, commercialization, exhibition and sale of crafts.

The centre represents a crucial step forward for the craft businesses throughout the province, by means of:

  • Attracting new entrepreneurs to the crafts sector
  • Consolidating population settlements in the rural areas
  • Diversifying economic activity in the area
  • Promoting innovation and technological development
  • Preserving artistic and traditional professions throughout the Valladolid province

The premises (ARTIS Valladolid) are twofold:

  • Common Services, including administrative and professional services, a service structure suitable for promotional fairs, presentation of crafts, exhibitions, conferences, seminars, etc.
General Services
General Services
General Services

  • Crafts spaces, 13 independent spaces/ workshops for the setting of crafts workshops.
Workshop  1 – Mezzanine and sloping roof
Workshop 2 – No mezzanine and flat roof

The Provincial Crafts Centre - Portillo

Road Carramonte, 17

47160 Portillo - Valladolid - Spain

Tel.: +34 983 090 914 - Fax: +34 983 090 915

Diputación de Valladolid· Coofinanciado Project by European Union European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) · Government of Spain, Ministry of Finance and Public Administration